Dealing With Insurance Companies After an Accident

No matter what type of auto accident you were involved in, our team has the skill, resources, and experience to help. Here are a few of the types of auto accidents our team negotiates and litigates.

Car Accidents

A collision between two cars might not seem like a complex case to negotiate at first. But attempting to negotiate with an insurance company without proper legal representation is never a good idea. Early in negotiations the insurance adjuster often behaves as though she is your friend, frequently making use of reassuring phrases and comforting tones. However, as you venture deeper into negotiations and ultimately hear why the insurance adjuster is not willing to fully reimburse you for the injuries you sustained, you quickly realize that these cases are not so simple. In fact, these cases require a lot of attention and a professional experience to resolve. Understanding exactly what to do following a car accident can save you valuable time and money over the course of your auto accident case. Without the right evidence, a deep understanding of what benefits are available following a collision, and more, you will not get a fair and just settlement in your case.

Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are complex. They require fast action and a solid understanding of how trucking insurance companies operate. Truck accidents must not be handled in the same way as car accidents. If they are, you will lose. To learn more about the core differences between these two types of cases—and why you must have a major accident lawyer knowledgeable in this unique type of traffic accident—visit the truck accident page.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists are at an extreme disadvantage in collisions with automobiles. Without the same four-wall protection that cars provide, a biker’s injuries are more severe after any crash. This is of critical import because a major strategy frequently employed by insurance companies is to minimize the severity of the actual collision in an attempt to also minimize the severity of a claimant’s injuries. You need a professional on your side who recognizes strategies such as this and who is prepared to, and capable of, countering them. Further, proving that the other driver is at fault for causing the accident is not often easy, and failing to prove this point will be a disaster for your case. Our lawyers understand the Maryland laws pertaining to motorcyclists, as well as how to investigate or reconstruct the collision to prove you are not at fault.