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At D’Amore Personal Injury Law we have assembled a team of experts to help survivors of sexual abuse be heard, be believed, and get justice. We understand that telling your story is very difficult. That is why our number one priority is to ensure your safety, confidentiality and to keep you in control. Our approach involves utilizing psycho-therapeutic professionals to help you talk to us and keep your journey a safe and healing one. Your safety as a survivor is our greatest concern. It’s your story, you control who hears it, when they hear it and how they hear it.


Maryland Passes The 2023 Child Victims Act

The Child Victims Act of 2023 was enacted into law by Maryland Governor Wes Moore in April 2023. This new law gives survivors of child sexual abuse the right to file civil lawsuits against the organizations and institutions that helped perpetrators commit or concealed their abuse.

The law was passed after the Maryland Attorney General issued a report concluding that the Catholic Church had assisted more than 160 priests and clergy commit and cover up decades of horrific abuse to hundreds of children. Those victims, and possibly thousands of others who have not yet come forward, can now seek financial damages without worrying about it being too late. Put simply, there is no “too late” anymore. 

Be Heard, Be Believed and Get Justice

If you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, please call (410) 324-6320 for a free safe. and confidential discussion with one of our experienced and compassionate attorneys. D’Amore Personal Injury Law does not charge any fees or expenses unless and until we get justice and compensation for you.

What This Means For Survivors:

  The statute of limitations has been eliminated, meaning that justice can now be sought regardless of the length of time that has passed since the abuse or assault occurred.

  Institutions can be held accountable by filing civil claims against them for willfully ignoring the abuse or assault, whether it took place in a church, school, or other organization.

  Survivors can now pursue significant financial compensation as a result of this new law.

  Expose the evils of society and those who harm children by shining a bright light on them. There will be no more concealing.

  If preferred, anonymity can be maintained by filing a claim under the names “John” or “Jane Doe”. It is not necessary for the public to know the details of the incident.

  The law provides strength in numbers as it grants thousands of survivors in Maryland the opportunity to pursue the justice they rightfully deserve.

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Recent Updates For Victims Of Sexual Abuse In Maryland


Attorney General’s Report On Child Sexual Abuse In The Archdiocese Of Baltimore

“In 2018, the Maryland Office of the Attorney General launched a Grand Jury investigation into the Archdiocese of Baltimore, examining criminal allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy, seminarians, deacons, and employees of the Archdiocese. The Office of the Attorney General also set out to investigate efforts by the leadership of the Catholic Church to hide sexual abuse. The Grand Jury of Baltimore City issued subpoenas to the Archdiocese, as well as to individual parishes, religious orders, and St. Mary’s Seminary. Hundreds of thousands of documents dating back to the 1940s were produced in response to the subpoenas, including treatment reports, personnel records, transfer reports, and policies and procedures.” –Full Report HERE


The legislation aims to expand the definition of sexual abuse in civil actions related to child sexual abuse. The definition would include any act where an adult allows or encourages a child to engage in certain activities or any other sexual conduct that is a crime. Additionally, the bill seeks to remove statutes of limitations and repose in certain civil actions relating to child sexual abuse, giving survivors more time to seek justice through civil litigation. This would also allows for the retroactive application of the Act under specific circumstances.  – Maryland Senate Bill SB0686

Our Case Process

The first step a sex abuse attorney may take is to offer a free consultation to the survivor of sexual assault. During this consultation, the attorney will listen to the survivor’s story, answer any questions they may have, and assess the potential for a legal claim.
If the attorney determines that there is a potential legal claim, they will conduct an investigation into the facts of the case. This may involve gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, and consulting with experts in relevant fields.
If the investigation reveals that there is a viable legal claim, the attorney may file a claim on behalf of the survivor. This may involve filing a lawsuit in court, or filing a claim with an insurance company or government agency.
In many cases, the parties involved in a sexual assault case may attempt to negotiate a settlement without going to trial. The attorney will represent the survivor during these negotiations and work to secure a fair and just settlement.
If a settlement cannot be reached, the case may go to trial. The attorney will represent the survivor in court, presenting evidence, examining witnesses, and making arguments on behalf of their client.

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