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Our lawyers represented big hospitals and insurance companies for many years. Now, they represent YOU.

Our lawyers represented big hospitals and insurance companies for many years. Now, they represent YOU.

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Maryland Injury and Accident Verdicts and Settlements

The medical malpractice lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law have successfully represented clients against every major hospital in Baltimore and Washington D.C., including:

Our accident attorneys have consistently achieved extraordinary results against all of the major insurance companies including:

A pediatrician at a major Baltimore City medical system failed to recognize fluid building up in an infant’s brain. Due to a change in the medical records system, the condition was not properly diagnosed for over a year. By then, it was too late to save the baby from suffering permanent brain damage. Paul and Rus took the case after two other law firms told the family there was nothing they could do. Paul and Rus were able to show the medical providers they were accountable for the baby’s brain damage. The parties agreed to settle the case before trial, and ensure the child would have enough money to pay for a lifetime of medical care and services.
A young mother and father trusted one of Maryland’s biggest hospitals to help their new baby. When the hospital violated their trust and almost caused the baby to die, they contacted Paul for help. Paul took the case and fought tirelessly for the family on every front. Ultimately, Paul negotiated a settlement that would ensure the catastrophically injured baby would receive lifelong security, medical care and services.
A previously active father of two teenage children started having difficulty with his arms and legs. His doctors determined that the discs in his neck were pressing on his spinal cord and he needed surgery to fix them. After surgery, the man got worse. He eventually lost all use of his arms and legs. Mr. D’Amore and his colleague were able to show that the medical staff had ignored the man’s post-operative condition and failed to get him back to surgery before the damage to his spinal cord became permanent. In the end, Mr. D’Amore and his team were able to secure a settlement that would ensure the man could get therapy and medical care and that his family would be secure.
A young woman bled to death after delivering her baby. Her family wanted to know how this could happen. Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk found the answer. They took the case and discovered the hospital staff had failed to recognize the severity of the young mother’s condition. By the time they did, the crisis had reached a point of no return, and the woman was unable to be saved. In the end, Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk were able to negotiate a settlement that would secure the future of the woman’s young child.
A young woman sought treatment for neck pain, so she went to a chiropractor. The chiropractor performed cervical adjustments that caused a vertebral artery dissection. As a result of this dissection, she suffered a stroke. The chiropractor argued that it was nearly impossible for his actions to cause a stroke. However, Mr. Kondratyuk was able to make the case and obtained a significant settlement for his client.
When it was discovered that Johns Hopkins Ob/Gyn physician Nikita Levy, M.D. was secretly photographing his female patients, Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk took immediate action. Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk spoke with hundreds of women affected by Dr. Levy’s actions. Responding to numerous calls for help from the women of Baltimore, Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk personally walked into the Baltimore neighborhoods served by Dr. Levy, and individually met with the women who had been victimized. Mr. D’Amore was instrumental in organizing a town hall meeting to help inform the women of Baltimore of their rights and possible remedies for this egregious violation of their trust and confidence. Ultimately, the matter was organized into a class action that resulted in a $190,000,000 settlement.
A young patient lost his ability to walk after a major hospital center failed to recognize and treat his disease. Mr. D’Amore took the case and, despite the rare nature of the man’s illness, was able to show the hospital should have made the correct diagnosis and should have properly treated the young man and saved the use of his legs. In the end, Mr. D’Amore was able to secure a settlement that provided financial security and medical treatment for the rest of the man’s life.
All surgery comes with risks, and surgeons are not legally responsible for the known and recognized complications that accompany surgical procedures. This is especially true in gallbladder surgery, where surgeons can nick or cut the tiny tubes leading from the gallbladder to the liver. When this happens it’s called a bile duct injury, and its consequences can be devastating to the patient. In many instances, the “known complications” defense is difficult to overcome. At D’Amore Personal Injury Law, we have been successful in obtaining compensation for patients who have suffered this terrible outcome. In one such instance, Mr. D’Amore secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for a woman who suffered a common bile duct injury during gallbladder surgery.
After a disabled man died during a routine procedure at an outpatient clinic, his family wanted answers. Because of a loophole in the law, the case had little chance of success. Mr. D’Amore took the case anyway. Ultimately, he was able to provide the family with the truth about what happened to their loved one and secure some compensation for their emotional losses.
During the delivery of a baby, the health care providers failed to recognize signs that the baby was in distress and needed to be delivered emergently. Consequently, the baby suffered brain damage that resulted in cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a permanent neurological injury that can severely impair a person’s ability to move, speak, and comprehend. Often, children with cerebral palsy require 24/7 care. Working with attorney Julia Arfaa, Mr. Kondratyuk leveraged his technical skill and expertise to create compelling trial exhibits that helped the jury understand the case and award his client a $15,000,000 verdict.
A young mother was delivering her second child when the baby became stuck. This is not an uncommon situation and doctors should know what to do. In this case, Mr. Kondratyuk and Mr. D’Amore were able to show that the doctor panicked and failed to use the appropriate interventions to safely free the baby. The baby suffered a brachial plexus injury (also called an “Erb’s Palsy“) This injury occurs during birth when a baby’s shoulder is stretched beyond its limits, causing permanent injury to the shoulder and arm. Mr. Kondratyuk and Mr. D’Amore took this case and obtained a settlement designed to secure the child’s future medical care and education needs.
A mother was evaluated by her OB/GYN late into her pregnancy. Her doctor failed to recognize signs and symptoms that the baby was in distress. Instead of ordering a cesarean section, the doctor told the mother to come back in a few days. Unfortunately, when the mother returned, her baby had already died inside of her belly. Mr. Kondratyuk and Mr. D’Amore took the case and showed how the baby would have survived if she had been delivered earlier. The case settled for a confidential amount before trial.
An elderly woman under the care of a nursing home was allowed to fall on several occasions. As a result, she broke her leg. An unfortunate complication then arose which resulted in the woman’s leg being amputated. Mr. Kondratyuk was able to convince the nursing home that his client had lost her leg due to a failure to prevent her from falling. The case settled before trial.
A chaperone for a children’s church group was injured when a negligently maintained attraction caused her to slip and fall. She suffered a broken leg and was unable to continue her job as a housekeeper. Mr. Kondratyuk was able to shine a light on the abysmal safety standards on the premises. Mr. Kondratyuk was also able to capture the extent of her past and future economic and medical injuries, resulting in a significant settlement for his client.
A mother was driving her minivan when a large truck collided with her vehicle, rolling it onto its side. She was seriously injured and required extensive medical care. Mr. Kondratyuk obtained the maximum possible recovery for his client.
When a young mother bled to death on the operating table during surgery, her husband and two baby girls were told by other lawyers there was nothing they could do. Mr. D’Amore took the case and showed the surgeon was not prepared for the complexity of the operation. In the end, Mr. D’Amore was able to secure a settlement from the Hospital that ensured his client could afford to hire the help he needed to raise his two girls, and to pay for their education through college.
An elderly father and husband was entrusted to a nursing home to receive rehabilitation and care. The nursing home failed in its obligation to keep him safe. The nursing home’s negligence lead to his unfortunate and untimely death. Mr. Kondratyuk and Mr. D’Amore assisted the family when others would not, and were able to secure compensation for the harms they had suffered.
When a 19-year-old girl was left paralyzed after abdominal surgery, Mr. D’Amore took up her fight against a renowned anesthesiologist and a world-class hospital. Mr. D’Amore was able to show that his client’s damages were caused by the anesthesiologist’s use of a unique approach to blood pressure management that was not approved by the surgeon. The result was a multimillion-dollar settlement for the young woman that ensured she would receive proper care, rehabilitation, and assistance for the rest of her life.
During a routine abdominal surgery, the surgeon failed to account for all of the surgical instruments he had used. As a result, a sponge was left inside of his patient. The sponge wrapped around the patient’s intestines, blocking her digestive system. Another abdominal surgery was required to remove the sponge and reconstruct the women’s intestines. Mr. Kondratyuk was able to quickly resolve this matter outside of court, and his client could focus on her recovery.
When a nationally recognized hospital accused a single mother of neglecting her severely disabled child, took her to court, stripped her of her parental rights, and proceeded to perform an operation on the girl against her mother’s wishes, Mr. D’Amore came to her aid. In the end, he was able to prove this dedicated and loving mother had done nothing wrong, and the hospital had acted illegally in performing the operation. The case concluded with the hospital paying millions of dollars to settle the case.
When an elderly woman contacted Mr. D’Amore and said that her daughter was found dead in her hospital bed, and that she had left behind a young disabled boy with no father to raise him, Mr. D’Amore was there to help. Taking the case, he was able to show that the young woman had been overmedicated and then neglected by the hospital staff. The case resulted in a settlement from the hospital that ensured the young boy would have the means to pay for his future needs and the costs of his education.
An elderly man with a massive abdominal hernia sought to have it fixed. After the operation, the man spent 21 days in a coma and almost died. In order to save his life, the hernia repair had to be reversed; leaving him with a larger hernia than before the operation. Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Sanders took the case. After months of hard fought litigation, Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Sanders were able to negotiate a substantial settlement on the basis that the operation was so risky it should never have been performed.
An elderly man was having signs and symptoms of a heart attack. He went to the emergency room for evaluation, but was diagnosed with a benign stomach problem. Unfortunately, he died two days later from a heart attack. His family wanted to know what happened. Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk discovered that even though the emergency room doctor thought he might have a heart attack, the doctor failed to order the appropriate tests to rule out a heart attack as the cause of the man’s symptoms. As a result, the man’s condition was not timely treated and he reached a point of no return. Mr. D’Amore and Mr. Kondratyuk were able to negotiate a significant settlement for the man’s family.
A man was riding an MTA bus on his way to work early in the morning. A drunk driver crashed into the bus, throwing the man out of his seat. Despite the clear negligence, the drunk driver’s insurance company refused to pay full value for the man’s injuries. Mr. Kondratyuk filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver and settled the case for full value shortly before trial.
A young woman was driving on Light Street in Baltimore City on her way to work. A driver in the lane next to her was not paying attention, switched lanes, and collided with the driver’s side of her car. The impact was relatively minor, but the young woman felt a period of confusion after the impact. She continued on her way to work, but felt ‘foggy,’ had a headache, and had trouble focusing. Mr. Kondratyuk had the woman evaluated by a neurologist because she was showing signs of post-concussive syndrome. The medical evaluations ordered by Mr. Kondratyuk diagnosed the woman with a mild traumatic brain injury. Mr. Kondratyuk was able to settle this case for a significant amount that fully accounted for her true medical diagnosis.
A woman was driving her vehicle when an intoxicated man heading in the opposite direction crossed the double-yellow line and crashed head-on into her vehicle. The woman was severely injured. Mr. Kondratyuk quickly obtained the maximum possible recovery for his client.
Our Client was shopping in a grocery store when he slipped on water that had leaked from a defective refrigeration unit. The man suffered what appeared to be a simple knee injury. However, due to several very serious complications that arose during his medical care, our client ended up requiring the amputation of both of his legs. Scott Lucas took the case and proved that the loss of our client’s legs was the direct result of the knee injury he suffered in the store. Ultimately, Mr. Lucas was able to secure a settlement that will ensure the client would receive a lifetime of proper care, safety and security.
A 23 month old child was shot in the mouth by a stray bullet during a gang shootout at an apartment complex. The child resided at the property. Scott Lucas took the case and alleged that the property was notorious for incidents of violent crime and not enough was being done by the landlord, the management company and security agency to protect the people living there. In the end, Mr. Lucas was able to settle the case for an amount sufficient to provide for child’s future medical needs, finance his college education and purchase his first home.
A young, single mother was injured when her vehicle was t-boned at an intersection by a drunk driver who was speeding and ran the red light at the intersection. She sustained foot and ankle injuries requiring surgery and insertion of hardware. Mr. Lucas took the case and obtained $500,000 to compensate her injuries.
A man tripped and fell on a brick sidewalk maintained by the D.C. Government. The fall occurred adjacent to a tree box. Scott Lucas took this very difficult case. Mr. Lucas alleged that the sidewalk design at the location of the tree box was defective and had caused the client to fall and fracture his ankle. Mr. Lucas brought suit against the District of Columbia in D.C. Superior Court. The Government denied it was at fault, offered no money to settle and vigorously fought the case. Mr. Lucas never backed down. One week before trial, the Government agreed to pay in excess of $200,000 to settle the case.
A Washington, D.C. nightclub allowed a college student to spend over $100.00 consuming alcohol, then kicked him out for being unruly. When the young man attempted to re-enter the club to get his brother, he was assaulted by club security. Scott Lucas took the case. He sued the club, claiming it had profited from getting the man intoxicated, and then assaulted him for behaving like an intoxicated person. The night club owners fought the case vigorously. Mr. Lucas did not back down. Instead, he took the case all the way to trial, where a jury returned verdict in favor of his client.