These 3 Independence Day Dangers Could Be Deadly!

Marylanders looking to celebrate Independence Day locally this year are making a safe choice. According to a new study by ASecureLife, Maryland was rated as the ninth safest state in the country to observe the patriotic holiday, reporting fewer instances of firework and vehicle accidents occurring in the surrounding days.

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Do You Know What’s In Your Sunscreen?

With Summer just around the corner, it is time to start applying sun screen on a daily basis. By now, we all know the benefits of making sunscreen a daily routine. But, there is some new information you should know when comparing different sunscreen products. 


Supervised Underage Drinking

If you're celebrating the end of the year or graduation with your teen, it might be tempting to allow them to toast the occasion with you. However, even supervised underage drinking is illegal and dangerous.

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Text Neck: The Risk is Real

Most of us know that texting while driving is deadly, and texting while walking can cause serious injuries. But now, even the simple act of sitting while texting is leading to a new health condition affecting billions of people around the world- text neck. 


March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

Every nine-seconds, someone sustains a brain injury in America. It’s estimated that more than 5.3 million people in our country live with the after-effects of a brain injury, but even these staggering numbers pale in comparison when considering the number of cases that go unreported and untreated.


The Maryland Measles Outbreak: Know The Facts.

The measles outbreak making its way through the country right now has parents on edge. The virus has spread through at least 26 states including Maryland, is sparking a significant concern in light of the buzz around the anti-vaccine movement. 


When Valentine’s Day Becomes a Health Hazard

No one prepares to spend Valentine’s Day with their sweetheart in the emergency room, but even this holiday can prove hazardous for some. If you’re planning something special this week or weekend, make sure to avoid making these common Valentine’s Day mistakes to keep you out of the hospital on your special night.


Mental Health Concerns for the Physically Disabled

A new study released at the beginning of January this year found that adults with cerebral palsy are at a higher risk for developing mental illnesses. Focusing primarily on depression and anxiety, the study revealed adults with CP ( no intellectual disabilities) had almost a 2- to 3-fold increase in the likelihood of being diagnosed with these two conditions than adults without CP. For the general public, these results may seem shocking, but for individuals with physical disabilities and caregivers, the data comes as no surprise.