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    "I felt really relaxed with them."

    By: Gail S.

    “They weren't only my lawyers, they were there for me and they were there for Ronny. You couldn't ask for no better.”

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    "They are super heroes!"

    By: Donnelle K.

    “Rus was very professional and informative throughout my whole situation. He advised me on what to do and what not to do during my whole case.”

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    "You need to call them!"

    By: Myrna B.

    “If you want a great lawyer who will fight for you and get you the money you deserve, you need Paul D’Amore.”

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  • Their daughter was in a car accident

    "Best phone call we've ever made"

    By: Michele & Stacy D.

    “We were very impressed how the D'Amore team were there with us through the whole thing. Paul settled our daughter's case for the full amount.”

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  • He fell on the job

    "They had the confidence to win my case"

    By: Greg M.

    “After my injury, Paul and Rus answered all of my questions and got me the settlement I needed to get my life back.”

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  • He was in a car accident

    "Never backed down from the corporate lawyers."

    By: Don T.

    “If anyone was in any situation like mine. I would highly recommend the D'Amore law firm because they treat you like family.”

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  • He was misdiagnosed

    "The Best Lawyer!"

    By: Mike F.

    “I was represented by Paul and his team because of a misdiagnosis. If it wasn’t for Paul, I wouldn’t have been taken care of.”

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More Client Reviews

“Dedicated to My Case”

By: R. T.

I worked with Paul a few years ago. Even though we were unable to complete the case and I’m still dealing with the repercussions of the dr’s negligence. Paul was better than I could have ever hoped for. He was dedicated to my case and did everything he possibly could. I highly recommend him.

“Definitely Worth It!”

By: Mariah M

It was a long process, but it was definitely worth it! Ruslan was and is the best. Communication was great, professionalism was awesome and his intellect was out of the world. All in all, he’ll get you the big bucks!!! I’d refer Ruslan to any and everybody! You go Ruslan!

“Diligent, Dedicated, and Friendly Lawyers”

By: Lori N.

Ruslan took our case while other attorneys were hesitant. Throughout the process he was exceptionally diligent and detail oriented with researching and acquiring information to make our case stronger and more presentable. Additionally, he was very patient and accommodating to our needs and many, many questions. Due to Ruslan’s hard work and dedication we were able to reach a favorable outcome to our case.

I would highly recommend Ruslan to everyone.

“Eternally Grateful”

By: Ana F.

Paul D’Amore recently represented our family in a very complicated medical malpractice case. Due to Paul and his firm’s tireless efforts, we were successful in reaching a more than agreeable settlement between all parties involved. This was not an easy case to take on. Paul and his team went above and beyond, in my opinion, to learn everything they could on the condition, diagnosis, and the preventative measures that should have been put in place and which were not. He was thorough, engaging, and left no stones unturned. Paul cut no corners and put our best interests above all else; for this we will be eternally grateful.

I hope to never have to obtain a medical malpractice lawyer again, but if I do, I would not hesitate to use Paul and his firm and would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of representation.

“Exceptional Attorney and a Special Person”

By: Mary L.

A thank you just isn’t enough to say. You have indeed changed our lives for the better enjoyment of the time we have left here on Earth! May God bless you always.

“Friendly, Knowledgable, Experienced, and Aggresive!”

By: Alex

I am ecstatic with the outcome Ruslan obtained for me! He took my case very seriously and explained the entire process to me. It was great to have a friendly, knowledgable, experienced, and aggressive lawyer on my side. I would not hesitate to recommend Ruslan.

“Genuine and Courteous. A Pleasure to Work With”

By: Tameka

Ruslan and his team gave me such peace of mind following injury from a car accident. The stress of medical bills piling up dissipated once I hired Rus as my lawyer. He was very thorough and clear in communications and very easy to reach. I always felt like I knew what was going on and what step we were on in the process of my case. Rus was not only professional and courteous, he was also just a genuine, enjoyable person to meet and interact with during such a challenging time. My case was processed in perfect timing and I was very pleased with the results Rus was able to achieve–he truly did all he could to assure I received what I deserved after the accident. I highly recommend Ruslan, and in fact, have already referred others to him based on the success of my case.

“Got an AMAZING Settlement!”

By: Anonymous

Ruslan Kondratyuk was my attorney for my car accident. Even though it happened at the beginning of COVID-19, Rus was able to get me an amazing settlement. Because of COVID, I was unable to have appointments for PT, Pain Management, etc. for the usual necessary “paper trail.” Rus updated me often and always promptly returned my calls. He worked diligently to help me receive a settlement above and beyond what I had hoped for. I received my check in just over 6 months, pretty impressive during this pandemic. As a physician, I understand all of the possible roadblocks when dealing with insurance companies. I highly recommend Ruslan Kondratyuk and the D’Amore firm for anyone with personal injury needs.

“He Was Calm, Confident, and Right!”

By: Valerie V.

I suddenly found myself in a situation where I needed a lawyer – and Paul D’Amore was right there for me! When I was frustrated and confused, he knew time and again exactly what to do and gave me advice on what he would do if in my situation. He was calm, confident, and right! My claim was settled quickly in my favor. I would make this recommendation to any of my friends and family!

“I Was Never Left Out of The Loop”

By: Danielle T.

Last year in October, I was injured in a car accident. Per recommendation, I immediately called D’Amore Personal Injury Law, LLC. The staff was able to help me and were super attentive to my needs and concerns at the time. They communicated through email, phone calls, and mail. I was never left out the loop with the status of my case and I would like to personally thank my attorney, Ruslan Kondratyuk. He was very professional and knowledgeable about everything we spoke of and I definitely recommend him.

“Money Was NOT His Primary Motivator”

By: David J.

Being “of late age”, my malpractice suit wasn’t worth enough for the number of lawyers who turned me down to take it on, but then I heard about Paul D’Amore, and money was not his primary motivator. I don’t tell “lawyer jokes” any longer.

Both he and his associate Michael Sanders worked feverishly, intelligently and with great respect for me to get the best result possible, and from a very highly-lawyered and prominent hospital in Maryland.

I had an almost endless stream of questions, viewpoints and concerns all the way through, but at no time did these men ever make me feel like I was intruding into any hour of their busiest days.

If any reader here is unfortunate enough to need a serious and devoted pair of lawyers, I hope you are fortunate enough to get the attention of these guys!

“Patient and Thorough”

By: Ann H.

Thank you Rus. You and your team have been wonderful throughout the process. I appreciate the time you spent with me in preparing me for the process. You were patient and really painted the picture for me with detailed information. It is not easy reliving the experience over and over again, but you made it easier to do so.

“Paul Helped Our Family Even After Other Lawyers Turned Us Away”

By: Shelley D.

Paul D’Amore at this firm saved our family from the financial side of a devastating loss after our daughter died in surgery, leaving her husband and two small daughters. Since she was a major income producer in her family their situation could have been as financially devastating as it was emotional.

Paul and his partner came to our case after one attorney said it was not worth pursuing. Two others declined to accept it. Paul too was reluctant as it was a very difficult case involving two very popular doctors in their city.

But he saw an egregious situation where the facts had been swept under the rug by the doctors and hospital.

No one is ever happy with results of a malpractice case; not totally. But Paul and his staff researched all of the medical outcomes that should have happened and what actually did happen.

When we were compelled to go to mediation Paul worked exceedingly hard to find a solution that both sides could live with saving us and especially our son-in-law the pain of trial.

“Paul is an Honest, Knowledgeable, and Excellent Attorney”

By: Gale K.

Paul is an excellent attorney. He is honest, compassionate, and exceedingly knowledgeable. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my case. I will highly recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent attorney.

“Providing Comfort and Getting Results”

By: Confidential

Mr. D’Amore helped us settle our medical case. He made us feel very comfortable during the entire process. There were some issues with the case and he was able to rectify them quickly.

“So Grateful For This Firm”

By: Charlene S.

In January of this year I was in a car accident. The driver entered into traffic at 35 mph. My car was totaled on the scene. I had bruises on my shin. I called D’Amore Personal Injury Law, LLC. My Attorney Rus, helped me through a difficult time. He was patient and caring. I am so grateful for this Law Firm.

“Thanks a million for all your hard work!”

By: Chris B.

I met with Rus at a rehab center for my cousin and I was very impressed at his understanding and compassion for the clients well being . He was ready to go to bat so to speak and get what he felt was the need for the client and I must say honestly I WILL NEVER LOOK FOR A BETTER ATTORNEY BECAUSE WE FOUND THE BEST THERE IS RIGHT HERE WITH D’Amore personal injury attorneys . Thank you for all your help and such a quick recovery. Want the best? Then call D’Amore.

“They Have Been Helpful Every Step of The Way”

By: TianTsu Yen

I highly recommend D’Amore Personal Injury Law, LLC to anyone who is seeking legal service with effective representation in medical malpractice and personal injury cases. When I was in despair, I am grateful for having found this law firm. They have been helpful every step of the way, treat clients with respect regardless your personal traits, the language you speak, etc.. They are responsive, give quick response by email or phone calls even at weekends. I felt like I was working with a family friend. Everyone deserves to make smart decisions. When you are in a hard time, choosing this law firm is a smart decision.

“They went above and beyond”

By: Ileana

This firm was highly recommended by a coworker. Rus and Jill were above and beyond handling both of my cases. I always felt like I was their number one customer because of their attention and prompt response. I had a case that I was dealing with for almost 2 years and when I passed the case to them it was like taking so much pressure off my shoulders. I even recommended it to my husband for a injury that he had at super store and they took the case and fought for him. We are truly thankful for their amazing work.

“They won our case”

By: Aviance M

D’Amore Law Firm, handled our family with care, compassion, and knowledge. They were passionate about our case!! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to FIGHT for us!! Before, D’Amore Law Firm, I thought our case was hopeless. I was wrong!! D’Amore not only restored my hope, but won our case!

“Took my case when no one else would”

By: Lori N.

Paul and Rus did more for me and my son than I ever expected. My son will be well taken care of for the rest of his life. They are kind and attentive and know what they are doing. They took my case when no one else would. I highly recommend D’Amore law firm!

“True Professionals”

By: Lauren S.

Great experience from beginning to end! Ruslan is a true professional and understands how to guide you from beginning to end and is extremely thorough! He helped us with a case that was devastating for us and provided excellent advice and experience. We are very grateful to have such a competent lawyer who always thinks outside the box!

“Will not be disappointed hiring them”

By: Phillip G.

I literally cannot put it into words how grateful I was when Russ and the D’Amore team received my case. They are impeccable, attentive, and truly effective with their expertise. Consistantly communicating with you throughout the whole process. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Thank you again!

“You and Your Staff Did An Amazing Job!”

By: Mark H.

Thank you Ruslan for taking on my case.  I would recommend your firm to family and friends. I was really impressed with your ending results. Great job 😊😊