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Where do you turn for help when a medical mistake by a doctor or hospital caused serious injury to your child? How do you even know whether your child’s injury was due to medical negligence or some other cause?

Types of Birth Injuries

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Catastrophically Injured Baby



Misdiagnosis of Infant Hydrocephalus



ICU Mismanagement



Erb's Palsy

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The birth injury attorneys at D’Amore Personal Injury Law have successfully represented clients against every major hospital in Baltimore and Washington D.C., including:

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Important First Steps After a Birth Injury

Most birth injury cases start with a difficult delivery. You may notice labor took longer than expected. Sometimes there is a lot of bleeding before the baby is born. The mom pushes and pushes during delivery but the baby seems stuck. Often, after hours of labor, mom is rushed back to the operating room and the baby is delivered by cesarean section.

After your baby is born, if any medical problems are suspected, he or she will be taken to the neonatal intensive care unit (the “NIC-U”). Oftentimes, the medical staff will tell you it is too early for them to determine what is wrong, or what is going to happen. If a brain injury is suspected, your baby may be put into something called a “cooling protocol” – a treatment designed to lower the baby’s body temperature in an effort to decrease the damage to the baby’s brain and nerve cells.

What You Should Do Now

1. Learn all you can about your child’s diagnosis

2. Follow the advice of your child’s pediatrician and other medical providers

3. Document Everything

4. Take Photographs

5. Talk with an experienced birth injury attorney

Experienced Maryland Birth Injury Attorneys

Injuries occurring during birth can be devastating. While we desire our physician to exercise the appropriate level of care when providing medical services, doctors sometimes fall below that standard, with catastrophic results.

Where do you turn for help when a medical mistake by a doctor or hospital caused serious injury to your child? How do you even know whether your child’s injury was due to medical negligence or some other cause?

You need to understand your options when your newborn is seriously injured and you be facing a lifetime of medical care and necessary services. The best way to understand what to do is to consult with a knowledgeable, qualified birth injury attorney.

The attorneys at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are experienced in handling cerebral palsy and other birth injury cases, and we can advise you on the legal options available to you. Further, we can connect you with the kinds of services and programs that can help you and your child move forward. At D’Amore Personal Injury Law, we care deeply about getting the help you need for your child.

With decades of experience handling birth injury cases, we have the know-how, drive, and compassion to fight for you, and make sure you have access to the services and programs you need.

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Pain, Injury & Treatment Questions


There is no cost to you unless we win. If the case is successfully resolved, the costs of the lawsuit are repaid from the recovery.

These cases are usually complicated and require significant time to properly develop and litigate. Generally, you can expect that it will take several months just to gather the medical records and other information we need to evaluate the case.

Once that step is completed, we will usually spend another month or two working with medical experts to evaluate the medical care and scientific issues in the case. If our analysis concludes that a lawsuit should be filed, it will usually take another 15 to 18 months for the suit to reach conclusion.

The distribution of money after a successful lawsuit will not always be the same. In a birth injury case, the vast majority of the recovery is for the child. Therefore, the law requires that the money be placed in a protected trust and only used for the child’s direct benefit.

This can be difficult for many parents to accept. We often hear things like “why would anyone think I would steal from my baby?” Or, “I have other children who have been impacted by the added time and money it has cost to care for the injured baby, why can’t we use the money to help our whole family?”

These are legitimate and totally understandable questions. Dealing with these issues is never easy. That is why we continue to work with our clients even after the case is successfully resolved. We work trust managers, trust lawyers, and asset managers who are experts in this area of law, and who understand that our clients need to be cared for as a family unit. While each case is different, our goals are always the same: (1) ensure that the injured child will be able to afford the care and services he/she will need in the future; (2) ensure the injured child will be safe and secure even after his/her parents can no longer care for him/her; (3) ensure that the family is satisfied with the plan that has been put into place.


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