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What to do if you think you have been harmed by Medical Malpractice

Consider this–According to the CDC, medical errors in the U.S. may now be the fourth leading cause of death in our country. The reasons for this are complex, but let’s talk about what you can do to avoid being a victim of medical malpractice, and what to do if you think you are.


Workplace Violence: Statistics, Warning Signs, and Improving Safety

Our entire country continues to follow the horrifying events in Annapolis last week when an active shooter changed the lives of everyone in the Capital Gazette building . What’s being labeled as a targeted attack tragically ended in the death of five journalists working at the local newspaper when a shooter entered the building armed with a shotgun and smoke grenades. The suspect who was taken into custody after the devastating incident had filed a defamation lawsuit against the Capital Gazette back in 2012, allegedly, leading to the murder of the innocent journalists.

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Baltimore Hunger Project

Childhood hunger in the city of Baltimore is becoming a dangerous epidemic. In Baltimore City alone, over 80% of students qualified for free or reduced lunches during the 2016 to 2017 school year according to the Maryland Department of Education- that’s around 74,461 children who could have gone hungry without meal assistance.

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The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

In order to understand the importance of Uninsured Motorist coverage it is essential to understand exactly what it is, what it does, and how it works. To do that it is important to consider it in the context of motor vehicle insurance generally. In Maryland motor vehicle insurance is compulsory; however, the required limits are rather low: $30,000 per individual per accident to a maximum of $60,000 aggregate per accident is all that is required.


Jury Duty: Why It Is So Important to Safety and Our Freedom

A corporation decides that profits are more important than people and poisons a community’s water supply. Unethical and immoral police officers abuse their power, target, harass and even kill innocent people. A parent places her trust in a teacher, coach, or doctor, only to learn that trust was used to abuse and harm her child.


Conservative Management of Back and Neck Pain

Over the past decade, the number of people undergoing spine surgery in the United States has been constantly increasing. An aging population of baby boomers and advances in imaging and surgical techniques has led to increased patient demand. Chronic back and neck pain can be overwhelming. But is surgery always your best option?

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Guardianships and Powers of Attorney

Imagine yourself in a hospital room. Someone you love is lying unconscious in the bed. You have no idea what happened to cause him/her to be in this condition. Doctors and nurses are asking you to consent to the withdrawal of life-support. Your loved one left no instructions on what he/she wanted done under these circumstances.


Before Hiring a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case (Part 2)

Hiring the right personal injury lawyer to fight your case is an important step. In Part 1 we discussed:


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