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Paul M. D'Amore
Paul M. D'Amore

Founding Member, Trial Lawyer

The Power of Giving Back

Giving back to the communities we serve is an essential part of who we are at D’Amore Law. We take great pride in helping our clients in cases where things have gone terribly wrong. However, we also find tremendous joy in helping our neighbors through the power of giving. This culture comes from the founder of the firm, Paul D’Amore. Paul is passionate about lending a helping hand to those in need throughout the Baltimore area.  

This past year, we have been fortunate to be involved with several extraordinary local organizations: The Annapolis Blue Ribbon Project, The Red Devils, Zaching Against Cancer Foundation, The Baltimore Hunger Project, and Medicine With A Mission. Each of these wonderful organizations has provided us with the opportunity to give something back to our neighbors in need. They all fight for local causes near and dear to our hearts. We admire their hard work, and we are proud to join their mission to help our neighbors. Three of these groups, Medicine with a Mission, Zaching Against Cancer Foundation and The Baltimore Hunger Project have now honored Paul with membership on their Board of Directors.

This October, D’Amore Law will be the leading sponsor of the Brain Injury Association of Maryland’s Scarecrow Run, a 5K run to rally survivors, families, friends, and supporters around the common goal of raising awareness about brain injury and to collect funding to support local programs. Working frequently with survivors of Traumatic Brain Injuries, we understand the global implications and life-altering affects these serious injuries can have on individuals and families. We are proud to support these deserving survivors in getting back on their feet on their challenging road to recovery.

But, we don’t just write checks. We believe in rolling up our sleeves, going out on the streets, working side by side with local residents, and creating valuable relationships at every turn. We’ve spent the afternoon helping high school students improve their interviewing skills to secure employment opportunities. We served homeless veterans a holiday lunch to thank them for their years of service at the Mosaic Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program. Last Christmas, D’Amore Law started our own program to identify deserving families in need of a meal and gifts, and we personally delivered them. Working with the Blue Ribbon Project, we helped hold a Holiday Party for some of Maryland’s foster children.

Why? Because seeing the joy people get from knowing there is someone, even a stranger, who cares about them, is the most powerful positive energy one can imagine.  We could all use some. So, we will close this blog by encouraging anyone reading it to GET INVOLVED. Go help a friend, a neighbor, or better yet, a perfect stranger. Let’s make Baltimore the best place in the world through the power of giving!

For more information on the organizations we work with, follow the links below:

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