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How to Find The Best Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

When you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, your world could be turned upside down. You deserve compensation from them, and this compensation can amount to far more than you might think. A tragic incident’s aftermath can leave you with long-term or permanent injuries, including the inability to return to your previous work capacity. You may also experience significant emotional harm,
physical pain, suffering, and other mental anguish.

The trial lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are skilled at litigating and settling birth injury, medical malpractice, and  major accident cases in the Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington D.C.. In fact, the personal injury lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law consistently obtain life changing compensation for our clients.

Watch Paul D’Amore, founder of D’Amore Personal Injury Law, guide you on how to find the best personal injury lawyer.


What to Consider When Choosing Your Lawyer

There are many personal injury lawyers serving the Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington D.C. area. The process of choosing the right personal injury lawyer may confuse or even frustrate you. We understand that this is not a simple task, and we appreciate how important your case is to you.

Here are a few things that we suggest you consider when choosing your lawyer:

Consider what kind of case you have:

Any personal injury lawyer that has a license can do any personal injury case! This will NOT help you. What will help is getting a lawyer that has successfully handled a case that you have.

If your child was injured during birth, you need a lawyer who understand the early signs of a child who has suffered a birth injury and has won those cases.

If you have been in a motorcycle accident, you need a lawyer has experience with insurance companies and has handled many motorcycle accident cases. It may help if that lawyer also rides a motorcycle.

If you have been hit by a commercial vehicle or a truck, you need a lawyer that knows the difference between a car accident and a bus or truck accident.

If you have been injured by medical malpractice, you need a lawyer that knows the different types of medical malpractice and all of the details that each type involves.

Does the law firm have adequate resources?

Most people that have been seriously injured do not have the money to pay for lawyers and all of the costs associated with obtaining medical records, hiring experts, and performing investigations.

We have had clients come to us and say they need a new lawyer because their current lawyer ran out of money and asked them to personally finance their case. That is NOT a situation you want to find yourself in when you’re seeking justice and compensation.

What does your lawyer actually care about? 

Visit their website, do they have client reviews or is it just about the money they’ve previously won?

DO NOT get hung up on previous settlement amounts. It’s easy to see multi-million dollar settlements and let that drive your decision making. The reality is you don’t know what that client actually got or worse, if amount they won wasn’t enough rebuild their life, but their lawyer pushed to settle the case anyway.

Personal injury clients CANNOT be compensated for providing reviews & testimonials, those have to be voluntary. If it seems like all the reviews are glowing, it’s probably because their lawyer actually cared about their clients.

Don’t settle on the first lawyer you call.

Too many people just call the first lawyer the see or click on the first Google Ad when they search. You have to do more research.
Call two or three law firms. Sit down face-to-face with at least two or three lawyers. If you’re injured and can’t come to their office, are they willing to come to you?

Don’t settle on the first thing that comes along. This is not an ‘impulse buy’ situation, this is your life or the life of a loved one.

Do your homework, then make your decision.


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