Paul M. D'Amore

11 Ways You Can Lower Your Hospital Bill

1. Ask Questions Research has shown that 15 to 30 percent of everything we do in healthcare—tests, medications, and procedures—is unnecessary. This is based on a nationwide survey of doctors themselves who are saying they’re ordering things in their own specialty that are unnecessary. (In a more[…]

Paul M. D'Amore

The Life Care Plan: Important for the Child and Parents Alike

In life, there is nothing more joyful than the birth of a child, a moment in time to be cherished forever. However, for some unfortunate parents, that moment can turn terrifying and immeasurably devastating if there is a birth injury such as physical trauma or hypoxic/anoxic brain damage. After the[…]

Paul M. D'Amore

10 Proven Strategies To Overcome The Financial Challenges Of An Unexpected Emergency Room Visit

An unexpected visit to the emergency room is one of the leading causes of people struggling to pay their medical bills. In part, this is because treating some medical emergencies can be complicated and time-consuming, which has a corresponding effect on the cost of treatment. However, it should[…]

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