Supervised Underage Drinking

If you're celebrating the end of the year or graduation with your teen, it might be tempting to allow them to toast the occasion with you. However, even supervised underage drinking is illegal and dangerous.

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The Maryland Hospital Patient's Bill Of Rights

The MD Hospital Patient Bill of Rights Is Here!

After years of fighting for consumer protection for hospital patients, the Hospital Patient’s Bill of Rights is finally set to be signed into law!


Maryland's New Foam Ban–What You Need to Know!

Maryland is one step closer to being the first state in the country to ban polystyrene foam food containers and cups. With this small, yet, significant step towards making our world a safer place to live, Maryland is now at the forefront of the battle against single-use plastic containers.


MD Move Over Law

Maryland drivers, prepare to move over. This past October, state legislators expanded the existing ‘Move Over’ law to include more than just emergency response and law enforcement vehicles, and motorists should be prepared to avoid hefty fines and unnecessary traffic accidents.  

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Maryland Car Accident Claims – The Basics

Various laws in Maryland apply to personal injury lawsuits. Every person who has suffered a personal injury caused by someone’s negligence should learn about Maryland’s statute of limitations, its cap on how much compensation a person is allowed to recover, fault and liability rules and more.

What constitutes a personal injury in Maryland?
A personal


Personal Injury Claims Against The State of Maryland

You can sue the State of Maryland or a State employee for an injury that you sustained because the State or its employee was negligent. However, it’s not as easy as suing an individual. To file a lawsuit against the State of Maryland for an injury, you must follow all of the normal rules for


Government Agencies That Can Help With Legal Issues

Sometimes situations arise where a lawsuit is not the most efficient or best way to resolve a problem. The amount of money at stake may not be enough to make hiring a lawyer worth the expense. The issue may be one that involves public policy, or a highly regulated are of commerce.

Several government agencies


Personal Injury Claims Against The Federal Government

There was a time when the United States government and its employees enjoyed sovereign immunity, which means that they were immune from suit. There was no statutory scheme by which the Federal Government or its employees could be sued for causing harm nor was there any common law remedy.

That all changed in 1949, when


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