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Zaching Against Cancer

In 2018 alone, an estimated 1,735,350 people were diagnosed with cancer. Cancer can take an enormous toll on a patient’s body, mind, and spirit. It can also weigh heavily on the loved ones surrounding those who are in treatment and struggling to fight. While the average person performs everyday tasks such as going to school, paying bills, and preparing meals without a second thought, these undertakings can be extremely difficult or near impossible for cancer patients and their family members to carry out when their primary focus is to fight back against such a monstrous disease.


Zaching Against Cancer Foundation

Just because a patient is diagnosed with cancer does not mean they receive an abundance of support or access to resources that could help them through the trials and challenges that accompany the diagnosis. Feeling angered by the thought that any fellow cancer patient should have to suffer more than needed, Zachary Lederer and his parents, John and Christine Lederer, founded the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation (ZACF) in 2013. The goal of the organization was to help all individuals affected by cancer: patients, family members, caregivers, and their loved ones.

Zach fought his first battle with cancer at the age of 11, defeating a brain tumor through strength, courage, and the support of his loving family. At age 18, Zach was diagnosed with brain cancer for the second time around, but he didn’t let that stop him. After surgery to resect the brain tumor, Zach displayed his strength and determination to live on by coining the ‘Zaching’ pose- a movement that went viral and became a worldwide movement for fighting back against cancer.

In hopes to inspire even more people suffering from cancer around the world and within his own community, ZACF was founded and Zach went on to become a beacon of hope to thousands. Before losing his second battle with cancer in 2014, Zach met one-on-one with patients, delivered a number of public speeches on positivity, and helped spread awareness of the struggles cancer patients and their loved ones go through outside of the hospital and treatment centers.


ZACF Helps Others Fight Back

Today, ZACF continues to follow Zach’s dream of helping all individuals whose lives have been affected by cancer, reaching out in a number of different ways to provide support:

The Little Things Program: ZACF merged with Little Things for Cancer in 2016, creating The Little Things Program which provides funds and services to patients such as transportation, meals, bill payment, child care, house cleaning, and more to help get through the days during treatments. In 2018, ZACF also partnered with Lyft and has helped 613 patients to date get to and from their appointments safely.

Hospital Affiliations: ZACF is currently affiliated with 21 hospitals. They work towards providing direct patient services including assistance with co-payments, medical bills, utility bills, rent payments, and more.

Scholarships: Every year, ZACF awards a high school student in Maryland who has been affected by cancer a scholarship to fuel their educational dreams.

Internships: ZACF helps fund a cancer research internship at Baylor University to keep people working hard towards finding new treatments for cancer.

Contributions: ZACF makes contributions to organizations such as Johns Hopkins Oncology and Little Things for Cancer to further help cancer patients in their treatments and recovery.

Events: Throughout the year, ZACF holds a number of different events to raise awareness and funds to help give back to cancer patients and their families, such as golf outings, bingo nights, and an annual gala.


D’Amore ‘Zaching’ Against Cancer

ZACF is an organization that is near and dear to the hearts of all of us at D’Amore Law, and we are more than happy to help support such a worthy cause.

Back in August, D’Amore Law had the privilege of being the Closest to the Cooler Contest Sponsor in the annual ZACF Golf Outing. Our team showed up in our best-golfing attire to support ZACF, spreading awareness for their cause and playing a round of golf on a gorgeous day among a number of other amazing contributors at the event.

This upcoming April, we are looking forward to supporting ZACF even further by attending the 5th Annual Living The Dream Gala. Even while enduring the painful challenges of two rounds of cancer treatments, when asked how he was, Zach would always say, ‘I’m living the dream, how are you?’. We are honored to help his dream live on by attending this spectacular event and encourage anyone looking to help fight back against cancer to come out for a night of fundraising and fun.

For more information about how to support cancer patients and their families, visit ZACF’s website to donate or attend one of their fantastic events.


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