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What is Oxygen Deprivation?

Oxygen deprivation before or during birth can cause serious health problems to a newborn. This type of birth trauma can occur if the placenta separates prematurely or if the umbilical cord becomes entangled around the baby’s neck and reduces oxygen flow to the brain.

Inadequate oxygen supply often causes damage to a baby’s cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls the body motor functions. This results in the onset of cerebral palsy (CP), a group of neuromuscular disabilities that affect a child’s ability to control movement, posture, and muscle tone.

Oxygen deprivation can also occur if a baby doesn’t start breathing independently after birth. Delays in breathing that last for 3 minutes or more are associated with a high risk of brain cell death, and can cause seizures, coma, and, if a baby is not placed on life support in time, death.

Oxygen deprivation causes serious injuries and permanent disabilities like cerebral palsy, and is also a major cause of hearing impairment, partial or total blindness, learning disabilities, and other complications.

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Our Process

  1. Advise you on what to do next:

    The best birth injury lawyer will understand the nuances of a traumatic birth injury malpractice.


    Our birth injury lawyers will discuss the strength of your case based on the facts, the likelihood of success, and alternatives prior to filing a lawsuit.

  2. Find out what happened:

    The best birth injury lawyer will be a diligent, meticulous investigator.

    Our personal injury lawyers have access to a network of professionals who can ensure that all of the relevant facts and evidence in your case are unearthed and properly evaluated.

  3. Make your case:

    The best birth injury lawyer will know the enemy, and prepare a winning case for your child.

    Our lawyers used to represent the same doctors and hospitals we now sue for clients like you. We know the enemy, and we know how to make a strong case for negligence.

  4. Rebuild your child's life:

    Our birth injury lawyers will be able to put you in touch with professionals who can help you better understand the condition your child is facing, and help you get the services your child needs to live a happy and productive life.

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What does it cost to hire the best birth injury lawyer?


There is no cost to you unless we win. If the case is successfully resolved, the costs of the lawsuit are repaid from the recovery based on a contingency fee.

Can umbilical cord compression lead to oxygen deprivation?


A disruption in blood flow through the umbilical cord can occur from the cord being kinked or squeezed. This stops or blocks blood flow through the umbilical cord leaving the baby with too little blood supply to her brain and vital organs. If the cord is compressed or kinked for too long, this damage can be permanent.

Can a Placental Abruption cause Oxygen Deprivation?


The placenta is the organ responsible for ensuring blood and nutrients get from mom to baby while baby is growing inside the uterus. The placenta is attached to the inner wall of the uterus through a complex network of blood vessels. At times, part of the placenta can tear away from the uterine wall. This is called an “abruption”, and can disrupt the proper flow of blood, nutrients, and oxygen to the baby.

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