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Injuries Caused By Oxygen Deprivation

Oxygen deprivation during labor and delivery is one of the leading causes of birth injuries. The negligent actions of doctors and other medical staff are often the cause of your baby going without oxygen; leading to irreparable brain damage and other severe harm.

Dangerous conditions ranging from cerebral palsy to blindness could affect your child for life. When medical negligence or medical malpractice is to blame, a birth injury claim may help you win compensation for what you and your child are being forced to endure.


What is Oxygen Deprivation?

Oxygen deprivation is a serious injury that can result in substantial harm. Known in medical terms as hypoxia, this occurs when the child’s brain and other organs do not receive enough oxygen. The extent of the harm will typically depend on how long these organs are without adequate oxygen. An extremely short duration of oxygen deprivation may not cause any lasting harm. However, in many birth injury cases, prolonged hypoxia can do permanent and consequential damage to a baby.

An unborn baby may also suffer from a more severe form of oxygen deprivation called anoxia. This is the term medical professionals use to describe a complete loss of oxygen. Anoxia will nearly always result in very serious harm to your baby, and it will affect their entire life.

Attentive doctors typically avoid situations that lead to oxygen deprivation. When a child is deprived of oxygen, it is often a sign of medical malpractice or other negligence. The birth injuries that result may be compensable in a birth injury lawsuit.

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Birth Injuries Caused by Oxygen Deprivation

Birth trauma caused by oxygen deprivation usually causes severe brain injuries. Thousands of children die from these situations, and tens of thousands are injured. Different types of injuries may result from oxygen deprivation with varying levels of severity. A birth injury law firm knows how to help with these types of injuries.

Cerebral Palsy

Oxygen deprivation during labor or delivery may result in a condition known as cerebral palsy. This can affect a child’s vision, sensation, coordination, movement, and posture. It can also affect the child’s intellect and lead to significant learning disabilities. Many children are even at risk for severe seizures with their condition.

Approximately 85-95% of cerebral palsy cases are caused by brain damage before or during birth. Asphyxia and oxygen deprivation are common reasons that this condition occurs in young children.

Learning Delays Throughout Life

Hypoxia can lead to significant learning disabilities in children throughout their lives. Learning disabilities can make it a struggle to succeed in school, normal daily functions, and in the workplace as they become adults. The costs of handling these delays can be high for parents. However, a birth injury claim may help win compensation for these types of costs and many more.

Behavioral Problems

Babies who suffer oxygen deprivation at birth often develop behavioral problems later on. This is often related to brain damage and other conditions. These problems can affect how you raise your children and the cost of providing them care. It can also affect the quality of life of both you and your child.

Vision or Hearing Loss

A child’s vision or hearing may be affected by hypoxia. Lack of oxygen can damage the brain in key areas that govern how the baby sees and hears the world around them. This may result in minor reductions in hearing or vision. Instead, it could result in complete loss or anything in between.


Epilepsy can result in serious symptoms and life-long medical treatment. Children can have severe seizures that lead to other medical complications as well. Any child deprived of oxygen could have to deal with this serious medical condition later on in life.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Hypoxia and oxygen deprivation has been linked to ADHD in children as they get older. When your child deals with these challenges later on, you may be entitled to compensation as part of your case.

Organ Damage

Lack of oxygen can damage a young baby’s organs permanently. It can damage the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, and much more. Organ damage may be treatable, but this treatment will be painful and expensive. For many other children, this damage is permanent and will result in specially required care for the rest of their lives.

What are the causes of Oxygen Deprivation at Brith?

A baby may not receive the right amount of oxygen for many reasons. Some of these reasons are no one’s fault, especially those that happen in the womb. Certain medical conditions during development may also cause harm without anyone being to blame.

However, oxygen deprivation during labor or delivery is commonly the result of medical negligence. The types of medical negligence that commonly lead to birth injuries includes:

  • The doctor or other staff fails to anticipate a likely complication
  • The doctor fails to diagnose a condition that leads to oxygen deprivation
  • The medical team fails to follow the acceptable standard of care when delivering the child
  • The baby and mother are not properly monitored during delivery and labor
  • The doctor fails to recognize signs of oxygen deprivation during birth

Other causes may not be directly caused by medical negligence like those above, but may still be the medical staff’s responsibility if they fail to properly recognize and treat the birth injury. These may include:

  • An umbilical cord compression that deprives the baby of oxygen and blood
  • A placental abruption that deprives the child of nutrients and oxygen
  • The umbilical cord wraps around the baby’s neck
  • Extremely low or high blood pressure in the mother
  • A blocked airway in the baby
  • Long and difficult deliveries
  • Certain infections in the mother

These and many other causes may be why your child was injured at birth.


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