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Personal Injury Lawyers Are NOT Allowed to Call Themselves Experts

Maryland lawyers must tread carefully when advertising their services. In fact, Maryland attorneys are cautioned against using the words specialist or expert to describe or advertise the types of cases they handle.  While this protects consumers from false advertising, it leaves many lawyers and their potential clients in a difficult situation. When lawyers can’t adequately describe their services, the people who need them are less likely to find a lawyer with significant experience in a particular area.

Defining Specialists and Experts

Merriam Webster defines a specialist as one who specializes in a particular occupation, practice, or field of study, or a person who has a lot of training, knowledge, or skill in a particular area. 

Similarly, an expert is defined as one with the skill or knowledge representing mastery of a particular subject.

Synonyms for both words include professional, qualified, skillful, experienced, and trained. 

We can understand why it might sound like the lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are “specialists” or “experts” in personal injury law and medical malpractice. The truth is, we’re simply a group of highly skilled, qualified attorneys with decades of training, experience, and knowledge in personal injury law. Focusing our practice on cases involving medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury has resulted in our clients consistently obtaining the compensation needed to rebuild their lives.


D’Amore Personal Injury Law Advanced Qualifications

D’Amore Personal Injury Law was founded by attorney Paul M. D’Amore. After spending a decade defending doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies, Mr. D’Amore decided he would rather help real people in their fight against the rich and powerful individuals and businesses whose negligence had wrecked their lives. In 2009, Mr. D’Amore resigned his partnership at a prestigious defense firm, and started representing victims of medical mistakes, accidents, and corporate indifference. Since then, Paul has consistently obtained life changing results for his clients.

Every one of the medical malpractice lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law has prior experience defending doctors and hospitals. Each has developed a deep understanding of the lasting impact that catastrophic injuries have on the bodies, lives, and families of the victims. 


Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice law involves cases that include mistakes, omissions, negligence, or wrongful acts of a medical professional that result in injury. These cases are often complex and require an understanding of medical and scientific information. Lawyers experienced in medical law are required to extensively investigate medical cases and consult with medical experts.

All of our attorneys have extensive skill, knowledge, and experience representing clients who have suffered from medical malpractice. While the Rules do not allow us to call ourselves “experts” in the area of medical malpractice law, we have the knowledge, training, experience, and successful track record that fits the definition. We’ve received the following recognition for our skills in the area.

  • Best Medical Malpractice Firm 2017 & 2018; Maryland Daily Record Reader Rankings
  • Avvo’s Client Choice Award in Medical Malpractice
  • Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Maryland SuperLawyers

Birth Injury & Cerebral Palsy

A birth injury is described as medical mistake by a doctor or hospital that caused serious injury to your child. These injuries may include brain related injuries, physical birth injuries, birth injury infections, birth injuries caused during delivery, and wrongful birth. Birth injuries are often catastrophic and lead to a lifetime of medical bills and other expenses.

Birth injury cases often require rigorous investigation and can be difficult to prove. All of our lawyers have a wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge of what it takes to win a birth injury case. 


Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are hospitalized for brain injuries each year, but these injuries are notoriously hard to detect and can be even harder to prove. Experienced brain injury attorneys understand what to look for in these cases and know how to conduct an investigation into the related causes.

Attorneys Paul D’Amore, Ruslan Kondratyuk and Michael L. Sanders have extensive experience prosecuting and defending brain injury cases. Their past experience defending brain injury claims, along with their success representing brain injured clients, gives our attorneys a unique understanding of the strategies and attention to detail necessary to win brain injury cases.


Major Accidents

Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents can be incredibly disruptive and can cause life lasting injuries, or death. Vehicle accidents result in a wide variety of personal injuries that are often devastating. In the commotion of an automobile accident, evidence can be lost or destroyed and investigations botched. Additionally, victims only have a limited time to file a claim. Experienced personal injury attorneys, who focus their practice on car, motorcycle, and truck accidents have the skills to investigate the accident scene, gather evidence, and compile the facts to get you the compensation you deserve.

All of our attorneys have years of focused experience in personal injury law, including injuries that result from major accidents. We have received the following awards in the field of personal injury law.

  • Best Personal Injury Firm 2017 & 2018; Maryland Daily Record Reader Rankings
  • Top 10 Best Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

Our attorneys have a combined 58 years of experience handling all types of personal injury cases. We might not be able to call ourselves “experts”, but we’ve achieved justice for our clients time after time in cases that award millions in compensation for personal injuries. For these results, Mr. D’Amore has consistently been named a Maryland Super Lawyer, a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, and a Top 100 High Stakes Litigator.


Attorneys Highly Qualified to Handle Maryland Personal Injury Cases

The lawyers at D’Amore Personal Injury Law have expert training, knowledge, and skill in personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, birth injuries, major accidents, and brain injuries. Each of our lawyers are highly qualified to handle any case that results in injuries due to someone else’s negligence. 

If you’re seeking a Maryland personal injury lawyer who is highly qualified to handle medical malpractice, birth injuries, brain injuries, or any other personal injury case, get in touch with D’Amore Personal Injury Law. We’re committed to getting you the compensation and justice you deserve, and we don’t get paid unless you win. You don’t deserve to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. Our professional, experienced, qualified, SuperLawyers™ can get you the money you deserve.

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