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Experienced Maryland Birth Injury Attorneys

Injuries occurring during birth can be devastating.  While we desire our physician to exercise the appropriate level of care when providing medical services, doctors sometimes fall below that standard, with catastrophic results.

Where do you turn for help in the event that a medical mistake by a doctor or hospital caused serious injury to your child?   How do you even know whether your child’s injury was due to medical negligence or some other cause?

You need to understand your options when faced with a newborn with serious injuries, who may be facing a lifetime of medical care and necessary services.  The best way to understand what to do is to consult with a knowledgeable, qualified birth injury attorney.

Our attorneys at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are experts in handling cerebral palsy and other birth injury cases, and we can advise you on the legal options that are available to you.  Further, we can connect you with the kinds of services and programs that can help you and your child moving forward. Call us to discuss your matter in detail with one of our trusted birth injury attorneys at 410-324-2000.  At D’Amore Personal Injury Law, we care deeply about getting the help you need for your child.

How Can a Birth Injury Lawyer Help

An experienced birth injury lawyer is essential in determining whether you have a viable birth injury malpractice claim.  A birth injury lawyer can help you in four important ways:

Legal Advice.  Your birth injury lawyer understands the nuances of birth injury malpractice matters.  With that background, your lawyer can discuss with you the strength of your case based on the facts, the likelihood of success, and alternatives prior to filing a lawsuit.

Aggressive Investigation.  A birth injury lawyer worth his or her salt will be a diligent, meticulous investigator.  Your lawyer will also have access to a network of professionals who can ensure that all of the relevant facts and evidence in your case are unearthed and evaluated accordingly.  Moreover, a good birth injury lawyer will have a number of medical experts on hand to assist in analyzing the facts of your case.

Expert Trial and Negotiation Skills.  Competence in the courtroom is key with regard to birth injury cases.  Moreover, an ability to negotiate from a position of strength is a trait that separates the great from the good when it comes to resolving birth injury matters.

Assistance with Other Services.  A lawyer with expertise in birth injury cases will be able to put you in touch with professionals who can help you better understand the condition your child is facing.  He or she can also help you get those services your child needs.

The legal professionals at D’Amore Personal Injury Law take those four responsibilities very seriously.  We are proud to say that we have helped countless clients deal with tragic birth injury issues.

With decades of experience handling birth injury cases, we have the know-how, drive, and compassion to fight hard for every one of our clients, and make sure our clients have access to the services and programs they need.

Are Birth Injury Attorneys Expensive?

Birth injury attorneys don’t have to be expensive.  The top-notch Maryland birth injury attorneys at D’Amore Personal Injury Law charge you nothing unless we win the compensation you deserve for your child.

That is correct.  We offer a free consultation to discuss your case.  If you want to pursue your case with us, we do not charge any fees or costs unless we win a judgment or settlement on your behalf.

It is no cost to you to learn more about what legal options are available,  call us today at 410-324-2000.

How Large of a Settlement Could You Receive?

A settlement for a birth injury case could be in the hundreds of thousands, or even the millions of dollars depending upon the facts of your case.  We ensure your child’s financial needs are clearly defined, then work to resolve your case for a dollar amount that will provide care, comfort, safety and security for the remainder of your child’s life.

To see examples of the results obtained by the experts at D’Amore Personal Injury Law, click here.

Maryland Birth Injury Statute of Limitations

While Maryland’s statute of limitations to file a lawsuit is usually three years for a medical malpractice claim, the limitations period is extended for cases involving children while they are still below the legal age of majority.  It is critical that you consult with an attorney as soon as you suspect your child may have been harmed due to medical negligence. As long as your child is less than 21 years old, he or she may still have a claim.

Filing a Suit Against a Doctor or Hospital

The important steps you should take following a birth injury are as follows:

  1.   Learn all you can about your child’s diagnosis
  2.   Follow the advice of your child’s pediatrician and other medical providers
  3.   Document everything
  4.   Take photographs
  5.   Talk to an experienced birth injury attorney

After you have spoken to an attorney, the next step towards filing suit is for your attorney to conduct an investigation.  That typically includes gathering medical records and dealing with medical experts to evaluate the medical care and scientific issues relevant to your case.

Remember, that these types of cases are typically complicated and will take months, or even a year or so, for the case to reach a conclusion.  In the meantime, our attorneys can assist you with getting government and charitable assistance while your case is pending.

Maryland Birth Injury Attorneys Will Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

Our team at D’Amore Personal Injury Law is dedicated to helping victims who have suffered because of birth injury malpractice.  We are only satisfied when we have helped our clients get the compensation they need and deserve to care for their children. Call us today for a free consultation at 410-324-2000.  There is no cost to you unless we win.