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Updates on Maryland’s Archdiocese of Baltimore Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Updates on Maryland’s Archdiocese of Baltimore Sexual Abuse Lawsuits


Bankruptcy Judge Sets Deadline For Sexual Abuse Claims Against Archdiocese Of Baltimore

We at D’Amore Personal Injury Law are committed to supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse. A critical deadline is approaching for those seeking to file claims against the Archdiocese of Baltimore in bankruptcy court. Survivors must submit their claims by May 31, as decided by U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Michelle M. Harner. This date is essential for anyone seeking a financial settlement from the Archdiocese. Read More – The Full Story

What Archdiocese of Baltimore Bankruptcy Proceedings Mean for Survivors of Abuse?

Attorneys for the Archdiocese of Baltimore and abuse survivors are expected back in court next week as the church’s bankruptcy proceedings unfold. Meanwhile, survivors say they’re eager for answers about how they’ll find justice amid the bankruptcy process. Read More – The Full Story

What’s a creditor’s committee? 7 abuse victims to negotiate for all in Archdiocese of Baltimore Bankruptcy

As the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s bankruptcy begins to work its way through the legal system, court officials have selected a group of sexual abuse victims who, with an assist from several attorneys, will eventually negotiate settlement terms for the hundreds of fellow survivors. Read More – The Full Story

Catholic schools, parishes to pay survivors as part of Archdiocese of Baltimore bankruptcy

Catholic parishes and schools will largely be protected from lawsuits, for now, but will have to pay up when a final settlement with survivors is reached. Read More – The Full Story

The Archdiocese of Baltimore filed for bankruptcy. What assets will it claim?

With the Archdiocese of Baltimore weighing bankruptcy as a means to compensate abuse victims, its assets are difficult to untangle after years of legal maneuvering to shelter property while retaining control. Read More – The Full Story

Archdiocese of Baltimore Weighs Bankruptcy with Surge of Child Sex Abuse Lawsuits Expected

The Baltimore Archdiocese is considering filing for bankruptcy as it anticipates a potential flood of lawsuits starting Oct. 1, when a new Maryland law will lift the statute of limitations on claims from those who say they were sexually abused as children, according to internal emails among church officials and a communications specialist.  Read More – The Full Story


Judge Rules to Release Most Redacted Names in Archdiocese of Baltimore Sexual Abuse Report

A recent ruling by a judge has allowed for the release of most redacted names in a report concerning sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The grand jury report, which was issued by the attorney general’s office four months ago, aimed to expose sexual abuse and cover-ups within the Archdiocese over the last 80 years. Originally, the names of five archdiocesan officials and 10 church figures were blacked out in the document. Baltimore Circuit Judge Robert K. Taylor Jr. has now approved lifting the redactions of 43 out of 46 names that were initially concealed in the report.


Attorney General’s Report On Child Sexual Abuse In The Archdiocese Of Baltimore

“In 2018, the Maryland Office of the Attorney General launched a Grand Jury investigation into the Archdiocese of Baltimore, examining criminal allegations of child sexual abuse by clergy, seminarians, deacons, and employees of the Archdiocese. The Office of the Attorney General also set out to investigate efforts by the leadership of the Catholic Church to hide sexual abuse. The Grand Jury of Baltimore City issued subpoenas to the Archdiocese, as well as to individual parishes, religious orders, and St. Mary’s Seminary. Hundreds of thousands of documents dating back to the 1940s were produced in response to the subpoenas, including treatment reports, personnel records, transfer reports, and policies and procedures.” –Full Report HERE


The legislation aims to expand the definition of sexual abuse in civil actions related to child sexual abuse. The definition would include any act where an adult allows or encourages a child to engage in certain activities or any other sexual conduct that is a crime. Additionally, the bill seeks to remove statutes of limitations and repose in certain civil actions relating to child sexual abuse, giving survivors more time to seek justice through civil litigation. This would also allows for the retroactive application of the Act under specific circumstances.  – Maryland Senate Bill SB0686

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

Here are some recent cases and settlements related to sexual assault allegations against the Catholic Church and its priests.

August 2023: The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse has agreed to pay $100 million to survivors of child sexual abuse at the hands of the church’s clergy, religious leaders, and lay members. [source]

August 2023: Stephen Sauer, a 61-year-old former Catholic priest, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting over a dozen men in New Orleans. [source]

November 2019: In Pennsylvania, hundreds of victims of priest sexual abuse have received reparations from the Catholic Church. A new legal maneuver has allowed people to sue the church over old sexual abuse claims. [source]

Please note that the amount of damages recovered can vary greatly depending on the specifics of each case, including the severity and duration of the abuse, the number of victims involved, and the jurisdiction in which the case is tried. Every case is different.  Please do not expect your case to be identical to the above, but allow it to serve as an idea of what is possible.

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