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  • Ruslan Kondratyuk, Esq.

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  • Micheal L. Sanders, Esq.

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We fight to get you the compensation and justice you need and deserve.

Let us show you how we can work together towards a better tomorrow for you and your family.

D’Amore Personal Injury Law was started by attorney Paul M. D’Amore. After almost 20 years of successful practice, Mr. D’Amore decided to create a personal injury law firm focused on the real-life needs of people catastrophically injured by the negligence of others.

Over the course of his career, Paul had learned these cases require a deep understanding of the clients, and the global impact their injuries have had on their bodies, their lives, and their families. Employing this philosophy, we require each personal injury lawyer at our firm to fully commit to our clients, and place everything else second.

Our attorneys fight to get you the compensation and justice you need and deserve.  You should not have to pay for someone else's mistake. You should not have to worry about finances at a time when you need to focus on healing and moving forward.

Once we take your case, we work around the clock to ensure you and your family are fully and fairly compensated for the injuries and damages you have suffered. Getting justice for you and your family is all that matters to us.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured because of someone else’s mistake, contact us today. There is never any cost to you unless we win your case.